Мурманский морской рыбный порт: корпоративный сайт



Works and services Measure unit Tariff in roubles (net of VAT)
I. Handling terminal services    
1. Provision of labour-power  man hour 610,00 
2. Delivery of workers to the cargo handling unit  rouble/hour 1 270,00 
3. Waste disposal to the urban ore thermal processing  plant  1 trip 9 260,00 
4. Rigging loft services standard hour 340,00 
5. Securing a deep-sea vessel port call 1 vessel call 224 576,27 
6. Securing a yacht port call 1 vessel call 67 372,88 
7. Securing port call of non-fishing vessels (except deep-sea vessels, yachts) 1 vessel call 135 593,22 
8. Securing weight operations of a floating crane  1 day (24 hours) 78 474,58 
9. Organization and running of a temporary customs clearance area, cargo customs clearance in the temporary customs clearance area  1 temporary customs clearance area  28 790,00 
10. Processing and filing of report documents  (RD-1, RD-2) when accepting and delivering goods at the temporary customs clearance area 1 accounting document 300,00 
II. Production and technical services    
1. Securing approval for excavation works within and withot the Port territory     
  service 3 780,00 
2.Other services regarding construction, reconstruction and upkeep of buildings     
  service 1 510,00 
3. Cargo shipping services provided by "MSCO" JSC (consulting of the Customers on their technical drawing, schemes of loading and securing of cargo,  including out-of-gauge loads , non-specified by technical conditions of loading and securing of cargo in wagons ) (without check of figures) 1 scheme 2 678,60 
III. Power utility services    
1. Functional check-out of a heat energy metering instrument     
  1 heat meter 1 400,00 
2. Exploitation of a МНС-700 mobile steam-generator working hour 1 685,00 
3. Functional check-out of a heat energy metering instrument by computer testing    
  1 hour 1 346,00 
4. Acceptance of indivisual heating plants (IHP) for outside consumers heating  
with drawing up of an act of readiness plant 1 770,00 
5.  Heat outage/recovery initiated by a consumer Heat outage/recovery  
    2 968,00 
6.  Heat outage/recovery caused by a consumer Heat outage/recovery  
    6 254,00 
7. Re-inspection and acceptance into operation of heat networks     
and individual heating plants for outside companies (consumers)     
  acceptance into service 2 100,00 
8. Consultation by specialists of an energy site  man hour 822,00 
9. Recurring acceptance of heating systems initiated (caused) by outside consumers     
  service 4 452,00 
10. Works connected with full and (or) partial energy consumption constraint   1 power-down mode  
regarding outside consumers for failure of timely pay     8 586,00 
11. Maintenance and operation of non-stationary berthage to secure water supply    
  tn. 234,41 
12. Functional check-out of a cold water metering unit     
  1 unit 1 855,00 
13. Suspension/actuation of water supply initiated (caused) by   suspension/  
a consumer actuation  3 021,00 
14. Works connected with full and (or) partial cold water consumption constraint   1 constraint of cold water supply mode  
regarding otside consumers   7 632,00 
15. Works connected with full and (or) partial energy consumption constraint regarding outside consumers 1 constraint of energy consumption mode  
    8 692,00 
16. Berth electric installations and cable lines servicing, connecting and disconnecting vessels and other equipment    
  kW/hour 4,45 
17. Consultation by specialists of Electro-engineering laboratory     
  man hour 710,00 
18. Consultation by specialists of Electrical shop  man hour 730,00 
19. Issuing duplicates of technical specifications or new specifications concerning previously connected power receivers     
 (Utility connection statement, Statement of Delimitation of Balance Book Ownership and Operational Responsibilities) 1 set of  
  documents 847,46 
I.V. HR services    
1. Filling out and issuing a workbook supplement   1  supplement 93,22 
2. Filling out and issuing a workbook 1 workbook 203,39 
V. Other services    
1. Operational manager services man hour 640,00 
2. Place reservation in shelters (survival areas) in case of emergency     
  man space  
civil defence engineering measures, with the customer's participation in the upkeep of the shelter (survival area) per month 59,00 
3. Providing a mobile equipped security post:    
 - up to 5 days inclusive hour 170,00 
 - over 5 days hour 160,00 
4. Securing the process of hazardous cargo handling  1 ton (gross) 380,00 

Remarks to Table 12:    

1.   Payment for labour force in man hours is made on the Customer's request and due to the reference.

On holidays and Sundays the tariffs are increased by 1,5.         

2. The price list of repair shop services includes overall cost of repair excluding the cost of materials.             

Materials are to be paid at actual costs. 

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